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Yukata De International Networking Party

  • 2015/07/27
    7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
✤ Contents ✤
1. Japanese Theme Party
2. Guests from Japan
3. Event Details
4. Daytime Event


Japanese Theme Party

Do you love Japan?
Do you wanna speak Japanese?
Do you wanna make a connection with Japanese people?
Let’s have a good chat with people in Japanese atmosphere!
Handmade Japanese Sweets called “Ichigo-daifuku” made by Japanese guest, SHIORI, from “Global Woman Association”, will be given to 20 participants who come early😉
Please welcome guests from Japan and wear Japanese clothing to the event, if you have any!

✤ Handmade Japanese Sweets “Ichigo-Daifuku” ✤


Please welcome Guests from Japan

〜Emiko Wada〜Emiko Wada(GWA)

President, Global Woman Association (GWA)
Sales Manager, Japan Promotion Association ( JPA )

〜Shiori Fujisawa〜

Manager , Global Woman Association (GWA)
Beauty Food Concierge

Event Details


“Mosaic Bar” 2F Hyatt Regency Vancouver
655 Burrard street, Vancouver

<Dress code・ドレスコード>

✤ Japanese clothing (Kimono/Yukata/Hakama etc) are preferable.  (Casual OK)
$5 off for the person who wears Japanese clothing!!
Organizers will wear Yukata to welcome guests;)

<Event fee・参加費>

$10 per person at the entrance.
Welcome Gift for 20 participants “Handmade Japanese Sweets” by Shiori!!  Please come early!!
$5 for the person who wears Japanese clothing!!
Please order your own drinks and food at the table.


Please go to Facebook Event page and click “Going”
▶︎ “Yukata de Global Career Networkng Party”◀︎
or, If you do not use Facebook, please register and fill out the form below.
▶︎ “Yukata de Global Career Networkng Party”◀︎
Facebookを利用していない方は、「Register Now」ボタンを押して、申込フォームを入力の上お申込み下さい。
※It shows $0.00 for online registration but you will pay $10.00 at the door.


There may be photographers present at our events and by attending you give us permission to use any general crowd photos and movies you appear in on our website or for marketing purposes.
We cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by the event attendee.
Ms. Brights does not accept responsibility and expressly excludes liability to the fullest extent permitted by law for:
– any loss or damage to any personal property left unattended during an event organized by Ms. Brights unless caused by the negligence of Ms. Brights; or
– death or any personal injury suffered by you at Ms. Brights event unless caused by the negligence of Ms. Brights.
本サイトを利用し、本サイトの提供する情報を利用した場合、また、Ms. Brightsが提供するイベント参加した場合は、以下の事項に同意したものとみなされますので、ご注意下さい。

Daytime Event

Please check out Ms. Brights’ Daytime Event(Japanese speakers Only) as well

▶︎ “Yukata dressing & Japanese sweets making Lesson”◀︎

7/27(Mon) 2:30pm〜5:30pm
@Ms. Brights Office (933 Hornby street ‘Electric Avenue’


933 Hornby street, "Electric Avenue", Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6Z 3G4

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